Welcome to Elite Throws Coaching!

Many of you are probably wondering what happened
to PrimalATC.com 
what is Elite Throws Coaching?

When www.PrimalATC.com was created, it was meant to be a website
just for my physical gym location in Cranston, RI.

As the track and field side of the business started to get bigger and bigger,
it started to take over the physical gym website
and started to cause confusion with everyone.

Local athletes that wanted to train at Primal who did sports like basketball,
baseball, football, and wrestling were visiting the website
thinking we only trained track and field throwers at the gym.

On-line throwers and coaches were visiting the PrimalATC.com website
after viewing the free YouTube videos and free articles on other websites
and thought we were just a small gym in Rhode Island.

Both groups were confused and I started getting phone calls and emails
from local parents and on-line coaches and athletes scratching their heads
wondering what was going on with the website??

There was a need for 2 separate websites,
so Elite Throws Coaching was Created!


Here at Elite Throws Coaching, you can still find all of the
track and field throwing and training products that were on the
PrimalATC website as well as some new things.

Athletes not able to train with us in person have the option to join our online team and get weekly training and throwing workouts emailed to them as well as other exclusive content and offers like a private group chat area and video analysis.

Athletes from all across the world have the option of searching our new
Throwing Coach Directory and finding a coach in their area
to help them with form and technique.

So check it out! Browse around, read the free blog posts,
check out the free videos, and make sure to visit the contact page
to send in your questions and comments directly to me.
I hope to hear from you soon!

Throw Far!
Coach Matt Ellis