Every July, Elite Throws Coaching holds
an overnight camp at Allegheny College in PA.

Throughout the year Coach Matt will travel to
schools across the country to hold smaller
one-day throwing camps.

If you are interested in hosting a one-day camp
at your school, all you need to do is email
Coach Matt at Matt@PrimalATC.com

There are some minimum requirements to hold
a one-day camp at your school.

First, you need to be a go-getter.
There’s only so much I can do here in Rhode Island.
You need to be willing to go out and get athletes to show up.
Talk to other coaches in your area.
Go to your state association and hand out flyers.
E-mail your conference and invite other coaches and athletes.
Go to meets and talk to coaches and athletes.
Promote and make sure everyone in your area knows.

Second, there should be an indoor facility in case of poor weather.
Not an indoor track, but some type of gym.
We all know indoor and outdoor track season has some
very rough weather like snow, rain, and mud.
Not the best weather to be outside for 8-10 hours.
In case of bad weather, there needs to be a gym to do drills
and footwork and position work in a warm environment.
Usually half a basketball court is all that’s needed.
We do NOT throw inside.

Third, your athletic director needs to be on board.
There is nothing worse than spending weeks getting a camp
set up at a school only to have the AD pull the plug.
Your AD needs to be on board from DAY ONE!

And that’s really about it!

If you want to host a camp at your school, please email me
and we can get the ball rolling.