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  1. I’m a parent of a High School thrower and help coach the throws for our summer and winter Track club in NE Kansas. I appreciate the new website and look forward to more tips on throws and conditioning for our kids.

    • admin

      Perry thanks for checking it out. We still have some bugs to work out but it is up and running and about 50% done! Any suggestions you might have to make it better are certainly appreciated. Thanks for checking it out.

  2. John Fappas

    Matt, I am looking forward to the up coming season, sounds like you have some good ideas. I have used your videos from primal ATC many times to help both my self and my throwers, thumbs up!

    • admin

      Thanks John for all the support. Please spread the word and let people know this is the place to go for throwing info!

  3. Antonio Gilmer Jr

    Coach Matt, I am very excited for the upcoming season. I have done your off season workout and training program and apply tips you gave in your previous blogs. It has helped me go from 40’7 to 44’1 in 3 months. Then, I watched your YouTube channel pretty often as I live down in Mississippi. So I look forward to seeing the new ideas and tips to help me and many other throwers get better. Wish you nothing but success and blessings in the future.

  4. Sean Foulkes

    Just wanted to say best of luck with the new site! You’ve always had great advice for throws and it’s great to see the new site up and running, looking forward to signing up on the coaches directory too!

  5. Dave Tousignant

    Primal AC was very helpful, so I expect this venture to be just as elite. I m a coach here in lowell, Mass…..primarily throws and multis . ..hope I can make some contributions to and for your followers…..Thanks. Dave Tousignant….

  6. Nelson Richter

    Excited for the specialization into throws, your videos have allowed me to renter the coaching ranks after several years away from the sport. Any plans for a clinic later this fall before the indoor season? Thanks.

    • Hi Nelson, yes I am planning a clinic this fall mostly based around in season training (weight room as well as outside weight room training like med balls, sprints, etc). Finding a weekend that works is the tough one. I am thinking the Saturday after Thanksgiving, December 6th but track meets may have already started at that point. So I am still up in the air. Any thoughts you could provide?

  7. Nelson richter

    That date probably works as well as any-just need to get it on my calendar as soon as I can! Always looking for new drills. Keep up the good work.

    • This coaching clinic will be almost entirely on strength training and conditioning for during the season. Some drills involving med balls, hurl hops, etc but nothing shot put or discus specific just to let you know!

  8. Angel De los Santos

    Hey Coach Matt! I am 20 years old and am ready to begin my 3rd season as the Throws Coach. Really looking forward to continue to learn more from you so I can help others as well. Can’t wait for the coaches directory to be up!

  9. Howard kellogg

    I’m a coach and a master athlete. I want to find out workouts for myself too. I throw hammer discus javelin shot weight. This is my off season. I saw on u tube I could buy a book to train by. Is this true or is it a online thing. I also saw you can join as a athlete. Can you advise me what the best direction for me.
    I want to train for this summer meets. Thanks howard kellogg

    • Hi Howard,
      If you hover over the products tab, you will see the Ultimate Off Season training ebook that I wrote a few years back. It is still one of the most reviewed and sold books on this site and gets great reviews. I would also recommend (for about the same price) signing up for the three month online team training. Every week you will get a new workout split up into beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels, what to do with sprints and med balls, and what to do in the circles as well as becoming part of a private Facebook group where you can ask questions and chat with other teammates. Both are super cheap investments into your off season and either one will work great, but you will get a lot more from the online team training.

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