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  1. Victoria

    Hello I’m currently running cross country and i was wondering if it would have a negative affect on throws later on in the track season. Like will running long distances slow my fast twitch muscles down? Will I lose explosive due to this? I’m also currently lifting weights, how will my muscles hold up against all this long running?
    -Thank you for your time!

    • Cross country trains the exact opposite of what a thrower/sprinter/jumper needs. Cross country is slow, endurance based training. Throwing, sprinting, and jumping is short, explosive, and powerful. Your training should reflect what you want. So if your ultimate goal is to be a good thrower, you should train to throw far. Cross country won’t do that for you.

  2. Ashley Combo

    I have a question about competing in an indoor facility. My school does not have an indoor facility for us to practice in. Because of that, when I go to track meets (indoor season) I am very paranoid of a fast ring because I had not master how to throw in one because I only able to practice in a concrete ring that has a lot of grip can you give me ideas and tips on how to conquer throwing (shotput and especially weight) in a fast ring.

    Struggles: Have a hard time keeping stableness in a fast ring. I tend to lose my foot(slips) when throwing the weight. Also My foot tend to slip when trying to push off my heel out the back of the circle for shotput.

    • Hi Ashley, this is a very common problem for athletes who practice in a concrete ring and throw in a wood ring. Most coaches will tell you that as long as you have great technique and proper footwork and balance, the faster the ring the better and it shouldn’t make a difference. You and I both know that isn’t true for a huge percentage of throwers. I would suggest practicing your footwork without a shot or weight on a wood surface or some other type of slick surface such as a basketball court (especially in the corners that might be dusty), the stage at your school (again, dusty and wood), or in a very smooth or painted cement floor like in your garage or basement. Tile floors work well too. Anything flat and super smooth so you can get used to the speed will help. Is this a perfect solution, no, but it is better than going in there and not having some type of readiness.

  3. Hi Matt,

    Love your rotational shot put video series. Do you have plans on making or re-making a weight throw video series? Also a Hammer video series only if there are differences from weight throw. I appreciate the work you put in. Keep up the great work!

  4. Ashley Combo

    Hey back again! 😀 Well I am a collegiate senior athlete this year, so basically this will be my last year ever being an athlete again. I want to be outstanding this year and work up to my full potential. I was told a few days ago that “In order to stand out you have to do what others wont so that you have what others dont”. Ever since that Ive been working my butt off in training. I work, full time student, and an athlete with no car. Because of me not having a car I have to walk EVERYWHERE. I have to complete study hall every week which is across campus also practice and weight lifting is also on the other side of campus. Where I am trying to get at is what I can do to motivate myself to keep working out because all of this walking for going on 4 years is starting to get to me to where I am missing workouts because I am to tired or I dont make time to study.
    Please help!

  5. I am conley and I have only been throwing for two years I’m in ninth grade and I can throw the 12lbs shot put around 30 ft and the discus between 70 and 80 ft. And I was wondering a few things. first what should I do from now and until track to train ( I have a ring at my house) and I have football and wrestling but I would like to still train for track. Second what do you think I could throw by the time a am a senior? And what do I need to do to get a track schoolership

    • Conley,
      You should check out the online team tab at the top. Every Sunday I will send you an email with detailed lifting and throwing instructions including sprinting and plyometric work. It is well worth the $14. It is impossible to say how far you will throw as a senior, but will the distances you wrote you are off to an awesome start. Scholarships depend on the school. Want to throw at Texas, be #1 or #2 in the nation. Want to throw at a smaller division 1 or division 2 school and get a small scholarship, be part of a great team, and have a lot of fun, 55′ in the shot and 165 feet in the discus will do the trick.

  6. Jon

    Hi Matt,

    I found you on you tube when I was looking how to make your own farmers walk equipment. I saw video 2, was there a video 1 that has instructions?



    • Hi Jon,
      If there was a video 2 there most certainly was a video 1. It should be under my channel. You should also check out the products tab on this site as we did a full HD version of a homemade equipment DVD that teaches you how to make a sandbag, a bulgarian bag, TRX straps, farmers walk handles, and parallettes.

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