Hey everyone,

Since the development of the online team training started, a lot of you have been sending in your suggestions, comments, and what you would love to see in a weekly training plan.

Thank you for your suggestions! Almost everyone was on the same page and had very similar suggestions which made it very easy to put this together.

Essentially, this is how it will work.

When you sign up to be a part of the online team, you will receive an email every Sunday night from me. This email will include a lot of things.

First is a weekly weight training program. There will be a beginner program for new lifters, an intermediate program for lifters with a few years experience, and an advanced program for athletes with 3-4 years of experience who have put in a lot of work already in the weight room. So everything will be scaled to fit every level of lifter.

In addition to this, you will receive a video (a sample is linked above this blog post) that will demonstrate each exercise in case you are unfamiliar with the movement. The video will only explain the exercises. The sets, reps, percentages, amount of rest, etc will be in the emailed program.

You will also receive instructions on what you should be doing outside of the weight room. This includes what you should be doing for conditioning, plyos, med ball throws, and drills. Keep in mind, everyone is different so this will be more of a general guideline of what to do outside the weight room when you head off to the throwing circles.

The page to sign up should be live in a few days. This program will start on Sunday, September 7th. This will ensure athletes returning to high school and college will be back to school and have the ability to get in the weight room. This also gives you a great 12 week preseason training plan that will take you all the way up to Thanksgiving and the beginning of the indoor/winter track season.

Please make sure to leave any questions or comments below and I will get back to you ASAP. I hope you join the team and take advantage of this opportunity. I wish something like this existed when I was still competing!

Coach Matt